20 lunches under 200 calories 


1. Any flavor Yoplait light (90) and 1 sliced medium tomato(16)= 106 calories
2.1/2 a grilled chicken breast(65) and 1/2 cup roasted asparagus(40) = 105 calories
3. 1/2 cup brown rice(108) and half grilled chicken breast(65) = 173 calories
4. 1/2 cup Campbellā€™s tomato soup and a slice of…

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Skipping the snack today… Or just eating in general today. I binged bad…

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Why am I so fucking fat ? No one will ever fucking love me with a huge fucking stomach. I’m sucha dumb cunt…

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Morning: Nothing

Afternoon: 2 pieces of bread and ramen

Night: Small bowl of mashed potatoes

Tomorrow I am going to smoke some weed and whatever I eat that will be it for the day. I hope…

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hey guys I was wondering if any of you have ever done chewing and spitting as an alternate to purging? I find it easier to do and less damaging.

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Binged on oreos last night…

I’m such a failure. I am gonna fast for 3 days. I already have all the tools to do it. So I am going to fucking succeed. Anyone wanna do it with me?

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Tomorrow’s Diet 12/13

Breakfast: None.

Lunch: None.

Snack: Apple.

At about 3.

Dinner: 3 egg whites.

At 5ish.

Maybe an apple before bed.

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